If your home is booked to be painted during the springtime, perhaps you may be questioning whether you can do some things to get ready before the exterior painting Rochester NY service provider arrives. The answer for that depends from one homeowner to another. But you usually don’t have too much to for that. To help you prepare your exterior for a spring paint job, keep on reading the list of things you need to take care of before your chosen contractor visits your home: 

Change Rotten Shingles and Wood 

When you have rotten boards on your house, then have them replaced first before you call the painting experts. This way, your exterior boards will be up and ready and started to get weathered. Moreover, doing so can keep you from paying additional costs when the painting experts need to return and paint some new boards after you’ve finished your job.  

Take Down the Decorations 

Though having things and decorations hanging on your house—such as flowers in the windows, or flags, signs on your walls— is not commonly a big problem, you still need to take them down. When they are hard to reach, you can also ask your paid contractor to remove them down for you.  

This goes for furniture on your deck or porch as well. You will not need to worry about it until they arrive. However, it would be best not to park your automobiles near to your home if ever your painting contractors are spraying.  

Get an Exterminator  

Try to go over and observe your home’s shutters, gutters, and trim. Also, inspect for signs of flying bees around or holes where they might’ve dug into the wood. This is best done at the warmer time of the day because that’s the time when bees tend to get livelier. Moreover, you could find bats living behind the shutters. If you see any of them, make sure to hire an exterminator and have them removed from your home exterior. 

Trim the bushes 

If you have any types of ivy, bushes, or trees that are located near to your home that you have been planning to trim, perhaps it’s recommended for you to do so before having your home painted by the painting professionals. This can greatly help them to freely move, maneuver equipment, and work on your home exterior a lot easier. 

Moreover, this can help since exterior walls are usually wet and dirty behind the plants. As a result, they can apply the paint better when a bush or tree is not going to drop needles and leaves into it and lean against and lean against the wall.  

Choose the Color You Want for Exterior 

When you know the colors that you would like to utilize in advance, that will make the job be done a lot faster and effectively. Painters know that it can be a huge and overwhelming decision to do. To help you with that, it’s best to ask your chosen painting expert today for recommendations.